Mekong Logistics always brings added value with the motto "Bring success to customers".
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MeKong won't stop and always strives to develop and improve to always be one of the leading logistics companies
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Constantly striving to improve and develop day by day to gain many effective competitive advantages in the field of transporting goods to Cambodia
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The system of warehouses and large fleets of cars in both Vietnam and Cambodia help customers to receive goods conveniently and quickly.
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A team of staff with good transportation knowledge and professionally trained are always available 24/7 to bring the most satisfactory time for you.
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Road Transport

Road Transport

Mekong Logistics provides diverse freight services, transporting goods with a variety of vehicles depending on the needs of customers and connecting key economic areas in all three regions.
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Sea Shipping

Sea Shipping

Provide customers with the service of sending exports and imports by sea from Vietnam to anywhere in the world and vice versa. Strong markets include: KOREA, EUs, JAPAN, ASIA.
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Air Transport

Air Transport

MeKong Logistics transports goods in various forms such as airport-airport, door-airport, airport-door, door-door and cooperates with many different airlines to transport goods to customers.
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Mekong Logistics

"Bring success to customers"

Prestigious unit in the field of transporting goods to Laos-Cambodia.

Enthusiastic staff, quality, high responsibility.

Always ready to operate 24/7.

Means of quality and quantity are large and diverse.

Competitive cost and fast to convenient door-to-door delivery.

Being present in Vietnam and Cambodia makes forwarding convenient and easy.

Professional Work

Experienced Team

Diversified means of transportation

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Big Enough To Transport, Professional Enough To Handle!


MEKONG LOGISTICS Very Honored To Be Chosen By Large Customers As A Professional Shipping Partner


Evergreen Line

The fifth largest shipping company in the world operates in 240 ports and 80 countries.


6th largest shipping line worldwide, accounting for 6.9% of the global market share.


The largest container shipping company in the world with over 550 ships with a capacity of more than 2 million containers