With transport routes connecting key economic regions across the North – Central – South, Mekong Logistics provides diverse and fast freight services.

1. Introduction of Express Delivery

As a normal delivery method, however, there is a guarantee of delivery time to the recipient. Express Delivery services will be different from normal courier services in that the service provider will always give a determined commitment time for the journey of goods/ parcels.

In the current era of 4.0 technology development, express delivery has been upgraded by many economists with the accompanying concepts such as: delivery and receipt of goods within a day, guaranteed transportation with confirmation from the parties,…

2. The current form of express delivery

Whether domestic delivery or international express delivery, depending on the form of freight transport by different channels, people divide the courier into categories:

– Air express delivery is a form of transport of goods and documents via air (between provinces and cities with airports)

– Road express delivery is a form of transporting goods/ parcels via road routes nationwide

– Railway express delivery: via the nationwide Railway system, goods/ postal items will be circulated to the receiving addresses upon request

– Express shipping by water: goods/ parcels will be delivered to the province/ countries through the big seaport system in the locality

– Combined express delivery: by using a combination of two or more different forms of transport, goods/ mail will be transferred to the provinces faster and more economically

– Of the above-mentioned types of express delivery, Air and Road transport are the two main and most used forms of express delivery.

3. Mekong Logistics freight services provided

We receive a wide range of products: retail, container, food, garment, fruit, machinery, super-weight,…

– Transporting goods with different types of vehicles depending on the needs of customers: containers, trucks, trailers,…

– Transport of goods in combination with multimedia: air, road and sea to optimize costs and time

– We receive a variety of products: retail, container, food, apparel, fruit, machinery, super-weight,…

– Door-to-Door transport services, delivery and Door-to-Door delivery

– Free support and consulting services for customers who want to learn about the service.

4. Why is Mekong Logistics worthy of your top express delivery partner?

With road transport links connecting key economic regions across the North – Central – South, Mekong Logistics provides diverse freight services.

At Mekong Logistics, customers will be consulted enthusiastically from the professional, thoughtful and enthusiastic phone and online consulting team and be supported with maximum transportation services thanks to the competitive advantage of the industry.

Mekong Logistics is committed to providing the best freight service for you. Please contact us immediately when in need of freight. Call the hotline 1900 63 69 44 to get the best support and service from Mekong Logistics, our call center is available 24 hours a day. Or you can go directly to the company address for best advice.

Transport costs on Mekong Logistics are based on many factors such as weight of goods, each route and costs incurred. If you need to transport goods to Cambodia safely and quickly, please contact us via:

Call Center:

– Vietnam: [+84] 1900 636 944
– Cambodia: [+855] 0236 222 999
– Lào [+856] ‭0209 2289 722‬


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