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Including transportation from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh and procedures for goods through the border (Lump sum: working with customs for goods passing, can not provide customs documents for guests, this is different from Pay Full Tax) & does not include loading and unloading at the place of delivery and delivery.

There are 2 ways: Cash & Bank transfer, and can be collected on both ends: Vietnam or Cambodia.

In normal weather conditions, the fastest time goods range 2-3 days, the slowest range 3-5 days.

MeKong Logistics always informs customers directly when goods arrive later than expected. And goods arrive slower than expected due to several reasons:

– Goods lost due to address, order information.
– Customs-related issues (detained, periodically inspected at the border, …).
– Delayed due to weather causes, disease situation.
– The clearance process is slow.

Customers can buy goods insurance by themselves or MeKong Logistics will introduce some sellers of goods insurance to customers. In the course of transportation, if there is a problem, the regulation of compensation of 50% of the market value of the goods is lost/ damaged.